Cast Stairs

Cast Stairs

Custom designed and built design solutions.

Your home is an expression of who you are and its design should match your lifestyle. Whether you have traditional tastes or want a modern twist, we can design your dream staircase to suit any style and design requirement.

Complete service

We offer the customer a complete service that starts from the study and estimation of the project complete with a measurement relief service and installation.

Research and development

Our company boasts an important production and technological heritage, the result of targeted investments aimed primarily at obtaining a high level of quality

Professional team

40 highly specialized people produce only articles with excellent quality.

Our collections

Discover all types

Explore the finished stairs of some of our customers and see how they created their dream staircase.

Why choose Cast

Passion, creativity and innovation, for a unique style with refined Italian design

Private service

Starting from the choice of materials and the definition of the scale model, we create plan drawings and three-dimensional renderings, to allow the client to better evaluate all the characteristics of the product offered.


Research has allowed us to launch new collections that have decisively characterized the market, both in Italy and abroad.


More than 30+ skilled people work to create the perfect staircase for you.


We have a large selection of quality materials...

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Great collection of stairs

Indoor stairs are an important building element of a home and especially in the new housing expression they evolve to become an integral part of the customized living space.

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    Technology at the pure service of quality.

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