Cast Stairs


The design spiral staircases from the Cast Stairs Exclusive collection can change the face of our home.
The staircase has a central structure made with a twisted iron pole and cantilevered steps supported on the outside by special feet.

The support brackets are internally welded and give the staircase a much appreciated simplicity of form.

This staircase is suitable for serving private environments and the various finishes available, both for the wood materials and for the painted parts, can offer an excellent result for any situation of style, modern, vintage, elegant, classic.

The Jazz Iron railing is fixed to the side of the step. The modularity of the rods allows the protective barrier to be created according to the customer’s tastes and can be modified at any time.

The self-supporting ladder is fixed to the floor at the start and to the slab at the end point.

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Category: Helical Stairs, Spiral Stairs

Attributes: spiral staircase, iron and wood staircase, modern staircase, decorative stairs

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