Cast Stairs


The modern railings of the Cast Stairs Excellence collection furnish with style.
The View railing is applied to the open staircases of the CAST production, but also to masonry stairs or protective balustrades.

The possible fixings are to the floor by means of a base foot and to the side by means of a special fixing.

The railing is made up of a 30×5 mm double plate column in Aisi 304 stainless steel and a 4+4 mm thick laminated tempered glass panel.

Standard glasses are standard transparent and extra-clear version. The standard handrail is in stainless steel with a diameter of ø 42 mm pre-drilled and equipped with the column connections already screwed.

Stiffener fittings allow the railing to secure and connect to adjacent walls or railings.

Available in the painted iron version called View Iron.

Data sheet

Category: Balustrades and stair railings

Attributes: glass panels, stainless steel railing, glass railing, modern railing

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