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The interior steel and glass stairs from the Cast Stairs Excellence collection are stairs that furnish with style.
Tekna Light Jazz is a modular, robust and elegant ladder suitable for multiple situations.

The staircase has support elements in Aisi 304 stainless steel and adjustable risers. The steps in tempered and stratified glass with a thickness of 8+10+8 mm are fixed to the structure by a special welded plate.

The Tekna Light Jazz staircase is appreciated for the uniqueness of the stainless steel module and the ease of installation as well as for its essential shapes.

It is suitable for private environments and stands out from all the other models for the lightness and transparency that the combination of stainless steel combined with glass gives to the staircase.

The Jazz railing in Aisi 304 stainless steel is fixed laterally to the step.

The modularity of the rods allows you to create the protective barrier according to the customer’s tastes and can be modified at will.

The standard handrail is in stainless steel ø 42 mm.

The staircase needs to be fixed to the floor at the start and to the slab at the finish; depending on the shape of the ladder, one or more intermediate fixings are required to give greater rigidity.

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Category: Indoor modular stairs

Attributes: stainless steel railing, open staircase, stainless steel and glass staircase, modern staircase, modular staircase, indoor staircase

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