Cast Stairs


The iron railings for stairs belonging to the Elegance collection of Cast Stairs.
The S2800 railing can be applied to spiral and open staircases of the CAST production but also to masonry staircases.

S2800 is characterized by the simplicity of the shapes and ease of installation. The painted S2800 railing is made up of vertical tubular columns with a diameter of 20 mm fixed above the step, 4 or 6 horizontal rods with a diameter of 8 mm.

The standard handrail is in iron with a diameter of 42 mm or in wood with a diameter of 48 mm.

The column can be fixed both to the floor with special feet with base or with lateral fixing to the slab with a special double locking device.

It is equipped with stiffening accessories that allow it to fix and connect to adjacent walls or railings. The S2800 railing can also be made entirely in Aisi 304 stainless steel.

Data sheet

Category: Balustrades and stair railings

Attributes: iron handrail, rod railing, metal railing, painted railing

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