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The iron and wood staircase belonging to the Cast Stairs Elegance collection is the convenient staircase that furnishes with style.
Mikra is a modular ladder, robust and adaptable to multiple situations.

The staircase has tubular painted iron support elements and adjustable risers.

The lamellar beech wood steps are fixed to the structure by a special welded plate.

The Mikra staircase is appreciated for the ease and speed of installation, as well as for its essential shapes. Mikra, suitable for private environments, also fits into narrow spaces where it would be unthinkable to find an alternative solution to the spiral staircase.

The various finishes available, both of the wood and of the iron parts, can offer an excellent result for any situation of style, modern and classic.

The railing is made with vertical tubular columns and wooden handrail and is fixed on the step. The standard handrail is in tubular beech and is ø 48 mm.

The staircase requires fixing to the floor at the start and at the slab arrival. Depending on the shape of the ladder, one or more intermediate fixings are required to give greater rigidity.

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Category: Indoor modular stairs

Attributes: Column Railing, Open Staircase, Economy Staircase, Iron and Wood Staircase, Modular Staircase, Indoor Staircase

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