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The modern interior wooden stairs from the Cast Stairs Excellence collection are convenient and furnish with style.

The Link Infinity staircase is a versatile open staircase and adapts to many different solutions and does not necessarily require lateral load-bearing walls.

The staircase has lateral rack or linear structures made with laser-cut sheet metal and steps fixed to the structure by special internal brackets.

The steps are in beech wood painted with water-based paint and in the most modern colours. The step support brackets are fixed internally using screws or welding.

This staircase lends itself to serve private environments and the various finishes available, the wooden parts and the iron parts, can offer an excellent result for any situation of style, modern, elegant, classic.

The Infinity model railing, in tempered and laminated glass, is fixed to the side structure using studs.

The transparency of the railing gives the staircase a particular touch of lightness.

The staircase is fixed to the floor at the start and to the slab at the arrival point, but additional supports are evaluated based on the conformation of the installation environment.

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Category: Helical Stairs

Attributes: Glass Railing, Open Staircase, Designer Staircase, Glass Wood Iron Staircase, Modern Staircase, Indoor Staircase

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