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This spiral staircase is a luxury product and fits like a work of art that increases its value and prestige in any environment.

Helika Lux comes with a double side band in stainless steel and 60 mm thick wooden steps, perfect for any style situation, modern, elegant, classic.

Suitable for a modern Loft or in an exclusive location that presents a high elegance, Helika Lux is perfect for large spaces, where all its beauty can emerge.

The sturdiness and strength of Helika Lux is given by the side bands in Aisi 304 stainless steel 10 mm thick which allow it to overcome significant differences in height.

The railing is made up of 8+8+8 mm thick curved tempered and stratified glass panels housed inside the double band. The need for additional supports in addition to fixing to the floor at the start and at the finish slab must be checked on site.

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Category: Helical Stairs

Attributes: glass railing, stainless steel staircase, luxury stairs, spiral staircases

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