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The economic interior staircase belonging to the Cast Stairs Elegance collection is an economic staircase that furnishes with style.
A7 is an economic spiral staircase with a round plan, which our company has always produced.

The standard step is in pressed iron in non-slip smooth or perforated sheet metal.

The step is equipped with housing for positioning custom-sized rubbers with stamps for which it is necessary to make a specific request.

The railing is made up of ø 20 mm vertical tubular columns fixed above the step and surmounted by a black PVC handrail.

The plastic connection between the column and the handrail gives a nice play of colors to the staircase and allows you to adjust the height of the column.

The available diameters range from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 250 cm, which is why A7 responds to many situations of encumbrance.

From diameter 180, the treads are equipped with an additional reinforcement.

This staircase is suitable for serving private environments and industrial services, in fact the various finishes available can offer an excellent result for any style situation.

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Category: Spiral Stairs

Attributes: pvc handrail, iron steps, pillar railing, spiral staircase, economic staircase, iron staircase

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