Cast Stairs

Cantilever stairs mod. Swing

Quality, Design and Innovation

Always looking for new design solutions, our stairs are created to surprise and leave you breathless.
The uniqueness of our creations is our trademark.

Each staircase is a work of art created to satisfy the most refined needs for a contemporary and sophisticated design: each staircase, each step is a unique piece.

Selected materials, high industrial technology combined with high craftsmanship for details, are the protagonists of the Excellence collection.

Wood, stainless steel, glass are the three basic elements chosen for our collection: innovative treatments and surprising combinations.

Every single step of the staircase can be embellished with a ray of light thanks to a LED insert built into the step. Magical nocturnal atmospheres radiate into the environment, soft luminous sensations blend the architecture of the staircase with the rest of the environments while the daylights enhance each version of the staircase.

Every detail of the Excellence collection is important, the architectural execution exaggerates the result, the rigor of the design requires that every finish reaches the highest levels.
Space, light, architecture: the incredible scenic effect of the material finds its maximum expression.

The cantilevered stairs of the Cast Stairs Excellence collection adapt to all situations allowing for innovative developments.

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