Ice Blue Jazz | Milano Marittima (Italy)

Design Studio Architettura

Hotel Waldorf – Milano Marittima Italy


Francesca Valzania

Cast Stairs

Interiors, Hotel

Construction of 3 spiral glass staircases of 2300 mm diameter to connect floors in new building suites.

Following the extension of the Waldorf hotel in Milano Marittima, which has provided three new elegant suites, each on two levels, we have been commissioned to realize the spiral staircases necessary for the connection of the two floors.

The architectural firm in charge of following the work, required us of spiral staircases with step in glass and metal parts in stainless steel. Our proposal was then addressed to our spiral model Ice Blue Jazz.

The feature of these three stairs is the diameter: the stairs have in fact a very important diameter, considering that they have steps in glass, equal to 1,150 mm.

An accurate design and static study, accompanied by a structural calculation report, allowed us to realize the three stairs with the required diameter.

The stairs were made with extra-clear glass tread and polished stainless steel components.

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