Cheap spiral staircase belonging to the Cast Stairs Elegance Collection, is an economic staircase that furnishes with style.

EA7is alow cost spiral staircase with round base that has always been produced by our company, perfect with a limited budget and though being sturdy and comfortable.

The step is in solid beech woodthickness mm 40 painted with water based colors.

Railing is composed of tubular vertical posts ø 20 mm fixed on the step and with black PVC handrail.

The plastic pipe used to connect the post with the handrail, gives a pleasant color mixture and allows to adjust the post height.

Available diameters go from 100 to 200 cm and this responds to many space requirements.

EA7 is a simple and easy-to-fit staircase.

This staircase lends itself to servingprivate environments and industrial services, in fact the various finishes available in wood and iron can offer an excellent result for any style situation.

» Square base spiral staircase for interior
» Solid beech wood step thickness mm 40
» Railing with vertical posts ø 20 mm
» ABS plastic pipes for post’s height adjustments
» Black PVC handrail
» Embossed iron colors: white embossed, black embossed, light gray embossed, dark gray embossed, dark brown embossed, corten embossed, beige embossed
» Standard colors for wood: natural, oak, cherry, white, wenge’, platinum grey, graphite black, brushed sand, brushed beige, brushed slate, brushed silver
» Feasible from diameter 100 up to 200 cm
» Water-based painting on wood with smooth or brushed finish


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