Modern stairs for interiors: the stair Swing version 100 belongs to the Excellencecollection.

Swing 100 is a cantilevered staircase that comes with cantilever steps fixed directly in the wall and requires necessarily lateral bearing walls for the fastening of the supporting structure in iron.

The style of Swing 100 is important and elegant. The steps are in boxed laminated beech thickness 100 mm, painted with water color and in a wide range of colors.

Swing 100 is distinguished from all other models by the thickness of the tread. This stair is suitable for private installations and the wide choice in finishes both on wood and on iron parts allow to match any style request: modern, elegant and classic.

On the stair Swing 100 you can mount both the Lux railingand the Jazz railing. Both are fastened sideways to the step. Both are fastened sideways to the step.

The Jazz railing in stainless steel AISI 304 is presented with horizontal rods where the position of the rods is modifiable at will.

La ringhiera LUX è in vetro temprato e stratificato spessore 10+10 mm alloggiata a fianco del gradino.

A rectangular glass lid will end the coast of the tread for a lighter and more linear design.

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