Link Iron Outdoor, External staircase by Cast

Link Iron Outdoor, transforms the external environment into a space where lightness, comfort, design and practicality blend harmoniously.

The Link Iron Outdoor staircase is an open staircase for outdoor, in iron belonging to the Elegance collection and is appreciated for the simplicity of the shapes and for the interesting budget.

The style of Link Iron Outdoor is young and modern, offering functional as well as aesthetically refined solutions.

The metallization and finishing painting treatments allow the staircase to be positioned outside: all the components are able to withstand the weather and climate over time

The Link Iron Outdoor model is made with lateral rack-and-pinion structures with laser-cut sheet metal in 8 mm thickness and steps fixed to the structure with special internal brackets fixed internally by means of screws or welds.

The step is made of laser-cut sheet metal 10 mm thick and powder coated with an aesthetic motif that gives a touch of originality, with a maximum width that can be made from 600 up to 1,000 mm and with a series pitch varying from 200 to 260 mm.


The Jazz Iron railing, externally fixed to the structure, is supplied standard in painted iron, but it is available in Stainless Steel AISI 316 for outdoor as well.

The Jazz Iron metal and painted iron railing is composed of 30x5mm column plates, 8 mm diameter rods that vary in number from 3 to 9 and a 42 mm diameter tubular handrail.

The modular concept of the rods allows to get the protection fence according to customer’s taste and can be modified any time.

The ladder is fixed at the start to the floor and to the arrival slab but additional supports are evaluated on the basis of the shape and does not necessarily require side load-bearing walls.

The outdoor stairs can be made either open or spiral, in a round or square plan, with a diameter of 1,000 to 2,500 mm, with hot-dip galvanizing or metallization treatment and powder painting.

Another staircase CAST installed in Spain and


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