Belonging to the range of helicoidal staircases for interiors, the HELIKA LUX, stair of the Exclusive Collection, is a luxury product that is inserted as a work of art in every environment, increasing its value and prestige.

The Helicoidal staircase is the result of a design research, exclusive to the great Italian manufactory and this scale lends itself to serving public and private environments.

Helika Lux comes with double lateral fascia and 10 mm thick iron steps and any combination of colors allows to create an artifact for every situation of a modern and elegant style.

Helika Lux is perfect for large spaces, where all its beauty can emerge. The sturdiness and strength of this stair is given by the painted iron lateral stripes of the thickness of 10 mm and that allow it to overcome important difference in levels.

The railing is in tempered stratified glass panels thick 8+8+8 mm placed in between the double structure.

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