CAST presents his latest creation: HELIKA LUX

Helicoidal staircase for interior, Helika Lux with wooden step, side bands and banister with curved tempered and laminated glass panels

Belonging to the range of helicoidal staircases for interiors, the HELIKA LUX, stair of the Exclusive Collection, is a luxury product that is inserted as a work of art in every environment, increasing its value and prestige.

The helicoidal staircase is the result of a design research, exclusive of the great Italian manufacture and this staircase lends itself to serving public and private environments: showrooms, offices, buildings, shops, private homes.

Helika Lux comes with a double lateral band 10 mm thick and 60 mm thick wooden steps and any color combination makes it possible to create a product for any situation of modern and elegant style.

Helika Lux is perfect for large spaces, where all its beauty can emerge.


Helika Lux , Helicoidal Staircase

The strength of this staircase is given by the 10 mm thick side strips in AISI 304 stainless steel, alternatively painted iron, which allow it to overcome important differences in height.

The railing is composed of panels in tempered glass and curved stratified 10 + 10 mm thick housed inside the double fascia.

Helika Lux

Helika Lux, Helicoidal Staircase


It is possible to make this staircase model with a wooden step thickness 60 mm and step in tempered and laminated glass thickness 8 + 8 + 8 mm, structure composed of double lateral band thickness 10 mm in AISI 304 stainless steel or painted iron.

This staircase is the testimony of our ability to provide solutions of the highest level, modern and tailored, thanks to an important productive heritage, combined with a highly specialized staff, for a 100% Made in Italy production

CAST joins the customer by offering important services ranging from design to measurement relief, to installation, both in Italy and abroad, providing contemporary solutions and in line with the most current ideas of architects and interior designers

The staircase was installed in France within a well-known law firm.

Another beautiful re-realization Made in Italy.

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