Spiral staircases

The round or square base spiral stair is composed of a central pole in iron coated with spacer sleeves, washers and accessories of completion are in stainless steel satin Aisi 304 or in painted iron.

The tread is in beech wood 40 mm painted with water colors, or iron painted or glass tempered and stratified.

The railing is in iron painted with powder color or stainless steel Aisi 304 Satin.

According to the models is composed:

In the Prestige series by vertical columns Ø 20 mm and handrail Ø 42 mm tubular Iron or stainless steel AISI 304 satin, or in beech wood with round section Ø 48 mm painted or black PVC.

In the series S2800 stainless and S2800 painted from tubular column Ø 20 mm, 4/6 horizontal rods Ø 8 mm and tubular handrail Ø 42 mm.

In Jazz and Jazz series Iron from 30x5mm double plate column, 3/8 horizontal rods island 8 mm and tubular handrail Ø 42 mm.

In model C3, from panels to vertical columns 20×20 mm welded to the base of a plate 40×5 mm, cA "C" profiled iron.

The riser varies from 170 to 240 mm.

Can be realized from diameter 100 cm to 240 cm depending on the model.

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