Exterior staircases

Outdoor staircases can be open and spiral in round or square base with hot galvanizing treatment or metallization and painting with powder colors.

The outdoor staircase is treated with metallization and Painting in the Link Iron Outdoor model.

The stair is realized with laser-cut rack lateral bearing structures 8 mm thick.

The step is made of iron thickness 10 mm is painted with powder cut to the laser with width achievable from 600 up to 1000 mm and the standard pitch varies from 200 to 260 mm.

The Jazz Iron railing series is in metalized iron and painted, composed of plates 30x5mm column, rods Ø 8 mm that vary from 3 to 9 positionable, and tubular handrail Ø 42 mm.

The spiral outdoor round or square base for outdoor is made with hot dip galvanizing treatment in models A6 Outdoor, A7 Outdoor, A8 Outdoor, C3 Outdoor and metallization in SL8 models Outdoor e Y8 Outdoor.

The iron step is stamped with a smooth or perforated anti-slip sheet, from Ø 180 the steps are equipped with a reinforcement support.

Can be realised from diameter 1000 up to 2500.

The railing is in iron painted with powder colors or in stainless steel Aisi 304 Satin-finish and depending on the models is composed:

In the Prestige series from vertical columns Ø 20 mm and Handrail Ø 42 mm tubular iron or stainless steel AISI 304 satin finish, PVC Black.

Columns welded to the handrail in iron and screwed to the step in model A6.

Handrail in PVC black-joining columns and handrail by means of PVC sleeves for height adjustment in the model A7.

In painted iron composed of handrail Ø 42 mm in stainless Steel Aisi 304 painted, with handrail connections always in stainless steel painted in the model A8.

In the series S2800 from tubular column Ø 20 mm, 4/6 horizontal rods Ø 8 mm and tubular handrail Ø 42 mm, in the models SL8 and Y8 with metallization and painting treatment.

In Jazz and Jazz series Iron from 30x5mm double plate column, 3/8 horizontal rods island 8 mm and tubular handrail Ø 42 mm.

In model C3: railing with hot galvanizing and painting treatments composed of panels with vertical columns 20×20 mm welded to the base of a plate 40×5 mm, cA "C" profiled iron.

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