Cantilevered staircases

The Swing staircase is made with cantilevered steps fixed directly to the wall by means of pins. The installation requires the presence of supporting walls with a minimum thickness of 10-12 cm, made of solid bricks, reinforced concrete, proton, or structural perforated bricks. In the case of non-load-bearing walls it is possible to provide a side band that can be exposed or hidden, which will be used to fix the steps.

In the model with wooden steps we provide a painted iron template to determine the exact position of the holes to be executed in the wall.

The serial width varies from 600 to 1000 mm and the tread from 220 to 260 mm.

The step is made of lamellar beech wood thickness 60 mm with or without profile-saving Cambridge sheet metal edge, painted with water colors available also with brushing treatment.

The Railing is in iron painted with powder or stainless steel Aisi 304 satin color depending on the stair models is composed:

In Jazz and Jazz series Iron from 30x5mm double plate column, 3/8 horizontal rods d.8 mm and tubular Handrail Ø 42 mm.

In the View series and View Iron from double plate column 30×5 mm, glass panel 4 + 4 mm, tubular handrail Ø 42 mm.

In the Infinity series from railing with tempered stratified glass panels formed by 2 slabs thickness 10 + 10 mm, with fixing studs Ø 45 mm stainless steel Aisi 304.

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